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Valbridge Property Advisors | Salt Lake City is currently looking to expand their residential department and are seeking currently active appraisers to join our firm.  Applicants will work within Salt Lake and the surrounding counties.

Skills and Expertise Required: 

·        Currently active Certified Residential real estate appraiser in good standing with the Utah Division of Real Estate (or applicable board if out of state)

·        Experience in residential appraising (3+ years preferred)

·        Thorough knowledge of the real estate market, market trends and neighborhoods with this position’s geographic location

·        Ability to meet deadlines

·        Attention to detail

·        Motivated

·        Dependable

·        Excellent communication skills

·        A valid driver’s license and ability to travel to complete appraisal assignments

 Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

·        Provide excellent, high-quality residential real estate appraisals

·        Provide excellent customer service

·        Work well with support staff to assist you in meeting deadlines

·        Maintain Utah State Certification

·        Complete final estimation of property values, taking into consideration factors such as valuation comparisons of similar properties, replacement costs, depreciation and income potential.

·        Prepare written reports that estimate property values and meet appraisal standards

·        Collect and analyze data including, but not limited to, comparables, county land values, sales information, income records, operating costs, zoning, and all other data to determine the effects on the properties being appraised.

·        Discuss property information with persons familiar with properties being appraised such as homeowners, real estate agents and contractors, and obtain any pertinent information that may be needed to complete appraisal reports.

·        Inspect properties to evaluate condition, special features and construction.

·        Take property measurements

·        Take photographs of property interiors and exteriors

·        Maintain a valid driver’s license and reliable means of transportation 

What We Offer: 

·        Competitive commission split with production bonuses

·        Continuing education allowance

·        License renewal

·        Appraisal Institute membership

·        E&O insurance coverage

·        Medical, dental and life insurance coverage

·        Paid time off

·        Experienced support staff

·        Great co-workers

 About Us:

Valbridge Property Advisors |Salt Lake City is a well-established firm and are part of the largest network of appraisal firms in the nation with over 74 office locations.  We pride ourselves on being in business for over 40 years, maintaining strong client relations, trust, and integrity.

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Appraisal Director position opening at State Bank of Southern Utah, based in Cedar City.

The Appraisal Director should be certified with a General Appraiser License and have at least 3 years of residential and commercial appraisal experience. In this position, the Director performs comprehensive appraisal work including, but not limited to, appraisals on rural, commercial, and residential property. The Director will be responsible for department policies & procedures, coordinating efforts with other departments, and maintains compliance with multiple agencies and regulations. The Director also manages and trains the members of the SBSU Appraisal Department, overseeing the completion of all appraisal requests.

Essential Duties And Responsibilities

  • Manage all functions of the appraisal department.
  • Technical reviews of residential and commercial appraisal.
  • In-house residential and commercial appraisals.
  • Manage and train department employees.
  • Develop policies and procedures for appraisal department.
  • Coordinate appraisal department functions with other bank departments.
  • Insure Interagency, Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, FHA, VA, State of Utah; appraisal rules and regulations and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice are implemented and followed.
  • Additional duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Certified General Appraiser License
  • 3+ years residential and commercial appraisal experience
  • Must pass a credit & background check
  • High School Graduate or (GED)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age

Preferred Qualifications

  • 1+ years banking experience
  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (Communication)
  • Microsoft Office skills (Excel/Word)
  • Accuracy/Quality: Achieves high standards of work processes and outcomes; completes tasks with a concern for all the details involved; monitors and checks work for precision, clarity, and completeness; produces quality results. (Strong Work Ethic)

Licenses and Certifications

  • Certified General Appraiser

Apply here:


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